A Great Canadian Online Casino: Games, Bonuses, Banking, Service

Every good Canadian online casino has certain characteristics that set it apart from the run-of-the-mill online casinos.  In keeping with the stated goal of the Insei League, namely to teach its members to be the best GO players they can be, we’ll start with teaching efforts of a good Canadian online casino.

Good Teachers Beget Good Students

Since these casinos have several hundred games, it behooves them to help gamers learn the nuances of every game they offer.  They teach gamers how to play in two very different yet effective ways: they provide tutorials with the rules, some strategy, and even some game history; and they allow unlimited free play so players can get used to playing any game without feeling obligated to place a single bet.

Believe it or Not

As amazing as it is that not every casino has a tutorial library, the best Canadian online casinos, such as All Slots Casino, do.  The tutorials at All Slots are so thorough that you know the casino invested much money in staff and time to write them. 

Now, there are some games that don’t really need tutorials.  Slots are a perfect example.  The attractiveness of modern video slots goes way past any strategic or tactical approach to the games.  Slots appeal to us because the graphics, sound, and animation are exceptional; because the characters have been created with the highest aesthetic sense; because the games are fast-paced; and because they are simply fun to play.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Blackjack, poker, and video poker are games that require a lot of thought and consideration at every turn.  For players who love these games, the challenge is to outwit the game itself. 

By calling for a card in blackjack when the chances that you’ll win the hand are slim, you may still be playing the odds.  If you stand in such a situation, you’re winning chances are lower than if you take a card!  So, you take a card. 

It is the ability to perceive situations where the initial impulse might be the less likely option for long-term winning that separates the top players from the rest and the excellent tutorials at a great Canadian online casino can help you become the discerning player you yearn to be.

Top Welcome Offers

A good Canadian online casino will recognize that Canada may be a small country in population but that it is a very great country in sophistication.  So, Canadian gamers will look for great deals for new players.  Some top online casinos offer high bonuses; some offer a number of smaller bonuses wrapped together as a welcome offer. 

We find that a Canadian online casino that offers top monetary bonuses alongside a large number of free spins can best attract gamers.  At present, there aren’t many that offer such a combination package but Platinum Play Casino offers $1000 in cash bonuses and 50 free spins on exciting slots games!

A Plethora of Games

There are thousands of online casinos but only a handful should fall into the category of top Canadian online casino.  A big factor is the number and variety of games and game types.  To start, a good casino must have hundreds of games.  Whilst slots are normally the premier gaming attraction, there ought to be a big variety in table games such roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, and others.

Microgamng has developed more than 40 variations of both video poker and blackjack.  We think that Canadians would like to try their luck at all of them, especially on the rare cold winter nights experienced in Canada!  Microgaming also developed the Gold Series of table games to show the most recent developments in computer graphics.  Your choice of a Canada-friendly online casino should offer these aesthetically superior games.

Video Slots

Today, slots games are always themed.  That means that they have a storyline and the characters reflect the story.  As the number of storylines plus variations within those storylines is truly infinite, we can expect hundreds of exciting and unique slots at the best online casinos.

Video slots also reflect the great gains that have been made in animation, graphics, and sound in recent years.  These three indispensable aspects of great modern video slots are the driving force behind the enormous popularity of slots such as Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, and Terminator.  The characters speak to you, the animation is rendered in realistic 3D, and the sound is as clear as on any top home cinema centre. 

Adding to the excitement of modern video slots are wild and scatter symbols, free spin bonus rounds, stacked reels, cascading paylines, multiple paylines culminating in 243 “ways to win”, multipliers, and numerous secondary ways to win big!

Progressive Jackpots

This type of game may not be the cup of high tea for everyone but, for those who feel the urge, a top Canadian online casino must offer many progressive games in several game categories.  There should be progressive blackjack, roulette, and casual games such as bingo in addition to the common progressive slots games.


Top casinos offer daily, weekly, and monthly promotions.  We prefer monthly promotions that make it easy to qualify to win.  Many Canadian online casinos have such monthly promotions.

Loyalty is also a common promotion at online casinos.  Here every bet is converted into loyalty points which bring even more bonus offers and which can be redeemed for cash.

High rollers should have a Club of their own where they can be pampered in high style commensurate with their lofty status as VIPs.

Mobile Casino

A worthwhile Canadian casino will have a mobile casino alongside the PC casino.  The great modern graphics make mobile gaming as aesthetically pleasing as PC gaming and the convenience of mobile is legendary.

Safe Canada-friendly Banking

The top Canadian online casino offers banking in Canadian dollars.  There are casinos that require gamers from most countries to convert their currency into USD, Euro, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Yen, or Yuan.  Players who are forced to do so, lose both on the conversion for deposit and on the conversion for withdrawal.  A good Canada-friendly casino allows Canadians to play in CAD.

In addition, a good Canadian online casino will have solid encryption software in place to protect their players’ assets from the ever-present “prying eyes”.  The best casino encryption is as good as the encryption all online commercial banks use.

Customer Support

A top online casino must be open to serve gamers on a 24/7/365 basis and must be available in numerous ways such as chat, toll-free telephone, email, skype, and others.

Find Your Niche

A top Canadian online casino serves a unique gaming niche—it serves a relatively small number of players with a high level of sophistication and discernment.  We hope this short piece has enlightened you as to how to find the Canadian online casino best suited to your gaming needs.