Hall of fame

Strongest insei  Tien, KGS 9-dan (January, 2011). He showed 13-0 score and won the supergroup
Biggest rating jump 

Stradetch (6k->3k), Kukki (7k->4k)

About 300-400 rating points of the official Russian rating within one month

Biggest tournament success

Top A group insei

Artem Kachanovsij (artem92 on KGS) became second in European Go Championship-2010 and 3rd in EGC-2011

Strongest Insei League teacher

Ilya Shikshin (roln111) was undefeated for 2 months straight (in B-E groups) and showed 199-0 score!

 Youngest insei  
Fidel, 9 years old
 Oldest insei  
alex139, 71 year old
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