The Insei League – new concepts and rules changes (September, 2012)

1. I will show the way of thinking, while playing. Will play online games with discussing my moves, moves of my opponent and my thoughts during the game (6 games per month) 

2. In the past we paid lot of attention to reviewing insei vs insei league games online. Starting from September,2012 we will mainly review pro games (8 hours per month)

3. Insei vs Insei games will be reviewed offline. In the past it was necessary to wait for few weeks, before receiving such reviews. Now it’s possible to get reviews faster. Just play the league game and email me SGF with your questions and I will return it back in 24 hours with my commentary ( you can send maximum 25% of all insei vs insei games you played in the league)

4. Starting from September we will have fuseki/joseki lectures and lectures on other subjects, for example: invasions or attacking (8 lectures per month)

5. As usual we will have simultaneous games with reviews by breakfast, solaris, aguilar and other teachers (at least 20 simultaneous per month by breakfast and 20 by other teachers)




As you may know, Korean inseis are very good at Go and there are lots of 1-dan professionals in Korea, who start to fight for big titles just after few months since having become pros. The main problem is that the door is too narrow and I saw lot of unhappy ex-inseis, who were not able to become pro and also were not able to find a good job, because they studied only Go for a lot of years straight. 

I know that there are lots of foreigners who want to become professionals in Korea or Japan. Some of them already missed this chance because of the age limits they have in Asian Insei Leagues. Others are not sure if they have enough talent or not. Till now the only way to check it was to quit everything and fly to Asia. And after months or years you could see your chances.

Now there is another option! You can take part in our project called "Korean-style Insei League on KGS", created in January, 2010. It's the full copy of the League they have in Korean Baduk Association and also has some additional features, which I met in Korean Go schools when I was an insei myself in 1997-2002.

You can get 8 games with Go teachers, up to 11 SGF reviews and 22 audio Go lectures by Alexandr Dinerchtein, 3-dan pro at our Insei League for only $95 per month! You can try your strength by playing other inseis of the Korean-style League (most of them also want to become professionals) and see how big your talent in Go is.

Our strongest members are KGS 6-7 dan semiprofessionals, but we also accept members up to 10-kyu on KGS. Of course, they don't play against each other, because they are in different groups, but sometimes we have a handicap division or friendship simultaneous matches for such games.

If you feel that you are the strongest in our League, and you can prove it by your results, we advise you to think seriously of the Go professional career!

Alexander Dinerchtein, 7-time European Go Champion 
3-dan professional of the Korean Baduk Association


If you have any questions about the Insei League, contact me please by email 

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For private Go lessons, please check the website of Alexander Dinerchtein, 3p (breakfast on KGS): 


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